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Open Badges offer an innovative yet simple new way to recognise skills and achievements in your organisation. Yet creating and managing Open Badges can seem like a daunting task.
At Open, we will work with you to implement an Open Badge system that will rapidly bring the many benefits of skill and achievement recognition to your organisation.


Badge Design Consultancy


We work with your organisation to identify where the recognition of skills, learning and other achievements can add value to your people development strategy. Working collaboratively and using simple practical steps we will help you design and implement a badge system which offers the people you work with meaningful and valuable recognition of their achievements.

Badge Technology


We will provide all the tools required to create, issue and display your digital badges. We will implement the relevant tools and ensure that the right functionality for your badge project is in place. We can provide additional consultancy and development to integrate your badge issuing solution with your existing web infrastructure.

Badge Management


We manage your badges for you. Badge management includes promoting the badge to your stakeholders, assessing submitted evidence against the badge criteria, issuing badges and providing regular reports on the effectiveness of each badge in your system.

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