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Why Develop an Open Badge System?


Empower and engage your teams with open badges – Some people are incredibly motivated by badges. Once they’ve earned one, they want to earn another – this promotes and sustains life-long learning in your organisation


Open badges credential in-house training in a highly visible enterprise wide framework – this creates value in in-house training programmes and maintains training relevance long after the training event


Open badges are task oriented so typically provide tangible evidence that a badge earner is experienced in doing the task, as opposed to evidencing the potential ability to do the task.


A well designed badge system acts as a live skills gap analysis tool, instantly displaying which employees have specific sets of skills and, importantly, which teams lack required skill sets. Employees can identify which colleagues have the necessary skills to help them with specific tasks


Performance management – badges can help measure an employee’s progress towards the performance and career goals. Badge attainment can be used as objective targets in performance reviews.


Brand development – as your badges gain value and currency outside of your organisation, other employers will recognise the strength of your staff development strategy. This makes your organisation a more attractive place to work and to do business with.


Brand recognition – by encouraging your badge earners to display their badges on social networking sites such as linkedin, facebook, and twitter, your organisation brand is promoted


Digital Record of Achievement – the metadata associated with an open digital badge is instantly accessible from within the badge. Where uploaded evidence is required to earn the badge, this evidence can be reviewed by anyone, anytime.


– open badges can be set to expire so you can be assured that the skills and competencies that the badge represents are current and relevant.


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