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Most organisations seek to increase the capacity and productivity of members through structured learning and skills development activities. However, motivating team members to fully engage in these activities can sometimes be challenging, especially when any tangible benefits are perceived as vague or unobtainable.
Open Badges unlock a world of possibilities for recognition and validation of formal, informal and lifelong learning. Team members earn badges as public recognition of their learning and skills achievements. Badges help to gamify learning and development activities leading to high levels of motivation and deep engagement in the activities which result in the award of a badge.

Here are some ways in which badges can be used to promote, manage and publicise an organisation’s learning and development strategy:

Award badges to participants of formal learning episodes, e.g. health and safety training
Organise badges in learning pathways to promote and manage development
Award badges to individuals who demonstrate mission critical skills and achievements, e.g. customer service excellence