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What is an Open Badge?

Open Badges are a new way to capture and recognise skills, learning and achievements. Open Badges are digital which means the badge earners learning record is stored, tracked and displayed online:
Badges are data rich and contain information about who has earned the badge, who issued the badge, the criteria required to earn the badge and the evidence that the badge earner presented. All of this data is stored in the digital badge image and can be accessed by anyone once displayed by the badge earner on the web.


Who developed Open Badges?

mozillaopenbadgeThe Open Badges infrastructure has been developed by Mozilla with support from the MacArthur Foundation. Open Badges use an an open technical standard. This means any organization can create, issue and verify digital badges. And any user can earn, manage and display them all across the web.


How Do Open Badges Work?

Open Badges are created by organisations or individuals who wish to give credit for achievements and skills. The badge is earned by an individual who satisfies the criteria for earning the badge. The badge earner can then display the badge across the web on social networking sites, on CVs or in any digital format.



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